• David Goldstrohm


Hey Guys!!! I just wanted to share with you something that I’ve been doing recently that has DRASTICALLY improved my focus and productivity! There's SO much talk in the groups about sourcing, keywords, reviews, PPC, etc. that it can drive even the most seasoned seller to Crazytown! We’re all so busy trying to learn the latest tactics that we often forget to take a step back and take a breath. In order for any of 'the good stuff' to get accomplished successfully, we need to have a sharp mind and focus.

Often, as entrepreneurs, we are tackling a million and 1 things and our mind can often get scattered. As a result, our productivity suffers and little gets done. Well, I encourage you to take a much-needed break and regain your focus with some MINDFULNESS.

I've been using the Headspace app to focus my mind several times through the day. This has really sharpened my focus and allows me to get more quality work done throughout the day. I've seen a HUGE improvement within the short couple weeks I've been doing it.

SO, I encourage you to try it out and post your comments here. I'd love to hear your feedback! CHEERS to sharpening your focus and CRUSHING IT in Q4! Yes...it's right around the corner :)

David Goldstrohm is the owner of PL Prominence, an expert listing and PPC optimization service for Amazon sellers.

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