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WHAT IS UP, my friends! I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC weekend!

Today, I’d like to hopefully open your eyes to an important aspect of your listing that, in my experience, A LOT of sellers overlook. By incorporating this, you have the ability to greatly increase your sales OUTSIDE of the commonly talked about listing optimization tactics. What could this be you ask??? Well, let’s dive in and I’ll try to shed some light…

As I’m sure most of you have experienced, the climate of Amazon is rapidly changing. GONE are the days where you can just throw any old product up and sell out within a week. The idea of spending $0.25 per click for a 10% ACoS is a distant memory. BUMMER, I know!!!

To combat the explosion of competition, you’ve worked LONG and HARD to hopefully improve every aspect of your listing you can think of. You’ve spent countless hours doing painstaking KW research, creating the best photos, digging through PPC search term reports to hopefully find profitable KWs your competition might have missed, and more! This is all great and congrats for diving in and taking the bull by the horns!

However, there’s likely a KEY aspect of your listing that you’ve likely overlooked that could significantly increase your stance in the marketplace. Thereby increasing your conversion rate, which would allow you to sell more units and even improve your ACoS!!! And that’s the POWER of STORYTELLING…

SO, what the heck am I talking about? Well, for a second, I just want you to take a step back from your KW research tool, dig yourself out of your search term report, and ponder the buying experience from a customer’s point of view…NOT a seller!

Okay, so picture this…let’s say you’re a college student searching for glasses. You’ve been to numerous local eyeglass stores and found rows and rows of the same boring frames and every store seems to be the same…the same stale atmosphere…the same lackluster frames…blah, blah, blah!!!

Then, you see an ONLINE ad for a company that you’ve never heard of before. You click on the ad and find that their website is actually EASY and SIMPLE to navigate and the content FUN and EXCITING. You think to yourself, who the heck is this company….they’re kinda DIFFERENT and COOL!

You do a little more digging and find out they actually have a MISSION and a STORY. You QUICKLY find out that their customers, employees, community, and environment are the company’s stakeholders and they are considered in EVERY decision the company makes!

You are EFFORTLESSLY served a short video that gives you a SNEAK PEAK into how your glasses are made, the eco-friendly, sustainable, plant-based materials, the personal quality control checks, the hand buffing, all to give you the best possible glasses AND experience around. Lastly, you learn that for every pair of glasses they sell, they actually GIVE another pair to someone in need. SOLD! GAME OVER!

You think to yourself, hey…this company is different from all the ones you’ve been to in the past. They are not just trying to just sell you BORING glasses right when you walk in the store. PUSH you to the countless rows of the same old, same old! They actually have a STORY and MISSION that EXCITES YOU! They are a SOCIALLY-CONSCIOUS business and have MISSION you can FEEL GOOD ABOUT supporting!

Yea, there’s no doubt, you’ll be getting your next set of killer frames from WARBY PARKER and TELLING all of your friends about the HIP new eyeglass buying EXPERIENCE you've found!!!

SO, what the heck just happened here? You stumbled upon a company that actually had a STORY and this created a personal connection to their brand. This is the same thing that happens in real life when you meet someone for the first time…you start asking questions to get to know them better. You listen to their ideas, opinions, and beliefs. You try to understand their likes and dislikes. All in an effort to CONNECT!

This leads to a better understanding, more trust, receptivity and more. And the best part, it’s been proven that brands that tell a compelling story can boost their lead generation by over 16X, are 22X more memorable than facts and figures alone, increase neural activity by 5X, and actually have the ability to light up the sensory cortex in the brain that allows someone to actually FEEL, HEAR, TASTE and even SMELL the STORY!!! WFT!!!

This is all pretty cool news and the BEST part…the same holds true for your biz on Amazon! Telling your STORY is an essential part of building your customers connection to your brand. By telling YOUR STORY, you will enable your customers to SEE that you are DIFFERENT from the other BORING products and that you actually have a MISSION they can get behind. You’re not just selling a product, you’re selling an EXPERIENCE. People will BUY from you simply because they LOVE what you DO, what you STAND FOR, and the STORY of your brand. Not just because you sell what they are searching for. The best STORY will make your customer FEEL something and is universal. It will allow them to grasp your company’s core VALUES and your COMMITMENT to excellence, allowing them to be INSPIRED and INTRIGUED!

Therefore, I encourage you to take a step back from cramming that last KW into your listing and ask yourself…WHAT STORY DOES MY BRAND TELL? Is it a story of I’m just another ME TOO, boring product as the 1000s of others on Amazon, or is it a story of hey…this brand is DIFFERENT and they actually STAND for something I can get behind???

SO, go out there and create the next WARBY PARKER, TOMS, BURT’S BEES…create your very own brand STORY! Set yourself apart and create a VISION that people can get behind! Your conversion rate and ACoS will thank you 😊

David Goldstrohm is the owner of PL Prominence, an expert listing and PPC optimization service for Amazon sellers.

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