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What is up everyone?!? I hope you're having a great day!

I just wanted to quickly post about the great success I've been having with REFINED 'Product Targeting' campaigns and ad groups directed at product categories.

Basically, it gives you a more customized way to target competitor brands, in relevant categories, by allowing you to target products with higher prices and lower start ratings than your product.

Talk about BOOSTING your conversion rate!!!

If you are not using these, you're missing out on some VERY profitable sales!

Here's a quick set up list to get you started and a few images.

HAPPY TARGETING, my friends!


1. Create a new manual ‘Product Targeting’ campaign or ad group to target Categories.

2. Refine the ‘Suggested’ product targeting categories as follows:

Price Range: Set min. price ABOVE your current selling price.

Review star ratings: Set BELOW your current star rating.

3. Launch the campaign and watch some low ACoS sales roll in!

David Goldstrohm is the owner of PL Prominence, an expert listing and PPC optimization service for Amazon sellers.

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