• David Goldstrohm


What is up, everyone! I have an idea I think you're all going to like!

As you well know, we're all SUPER busy running our businesses and sometimes we just don't have time for an hour-long podcast where we're constantly trying to zero-in on the few golden nuggets that are sprinkled about.

SO, I've decided to create what I call CAR CASTS series and this will be located in the PL Prominence Facebook Group.

My goal is to keep these audio episodes SHORT and SWEET and remove a lot of the FLUFF and get right to the GOOD STUFF! That way, you can listen for a quick 5 minutes, easily find the golden nuggets, and go straight to applying these in your business to CRUSH IT on Amazon!

You can check out the first couple episodes inside my FB Group. If you haven't joined I've pasted the address below.


I'm looking forward to providing some AWESOME value and I'll see you on...THE INSIDE!!!

Cheers, my friends!

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